By Axios staffThe electronic lock, invented by a University of California at Berkeley professor, could help cars prevent thieves from accessing their security systems.

The new technology could prevent car thieves from using stolen credit cards, debit cards, cell phones and other electronic devices to steal vehicles.

The new type could be used to lock a car to a surface or to prevent it from moving.

The technology, called “aluminum valence,” is an alternative to traditional electronic locks that rely on magnetism or electromagnets.

The magnetic field that surrounds an object makes it more vulnerable to theft.

A thief would have to physically manipulate the object to make it fall into the thief’s hands.

But AltaVentures is working on a way to develop an “electronic locking system” that uses the aluminum valentines property, according to the company.

“It’s an entirely new approach that is a novel way of locking a vehicle,” AltaVsentures CEO, Jason Shackelford, told Axios in an interview.

“This new method, we think, will enable cars to become much more secure than today’s lock and key systems, and also enable us to make a lot more money from cars,” Shackelton added.

AltaVents technology uses a magnetic sensor that creates a magnetic field.

This field can be detected by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner and tracked by a laptop.

This technique enables the company to monitor the magnetic properties of objects and create a lock or key that is capable of locking or unlocking the car, Shackeson said.

The aluminum valance sensor is made of a metal and aluminum alloy and has a diameter of 2.7 millimeters.

Shaczs company, which is based in California, has patents for the technology.

Altsentures uses the same technology to detect the shape of a car’s magnetic field, but it is more sensitive.

It has a wavelength of about 1.5 microns, compared with 1.0 microns for the aluminum-based technology.

The AltaVehicle’s magnetic sensor can detect the car’s shape and can also detect a car, including if it is moving.

The metal-based system, which could be installed on any vehicle, has been used in a number of projects, Shachloff said.

AltraVenturs is working with several automotive suppliers to develop the new technology.

The company is also working on software that could allow the car to remotely activate the device.

AltaVis is also developing the technology and is using it to lock cars at home.

AltarVehicle is also trying to create an inexpensive way to store the aluminum devices.

“We are trying to figure out how to make the device more compact and more portable,” Shachkelton said.

“You could store it on a USB drive, but that is just not very good for a car.”

“The aluminum sensors are not going to make cars super secure, but they are very, very useful,” Shakkelton told Axs.

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