It is a big year for the Serie A with four different competitions taking place in 2019.

First up is the Super CUP, which will see the top four teams in the league play each other twice each.

The tournament will feature eight teams in a single group, with the winner taking on the second-placed team in each group.

The first round will feature a knockout stage with the teams going head to head in the semi-finals. 

The next round of the competition will see four teams playing each other once, with one of those teams progressing through to the final.

In between the group stages and final, there will be the Europa League, where a fourth-placed side will compete in the final in front of a live television audience in Paris. 

This will be played in the new 30,000 capacity Stadio Olimpico. 

There will also be the Premier League, which is being hosted by the French Football Federation (FFF). 

In total, there are eight different competitions with four competitions taking part, but this is the first time in history that the Champions League, La Liga and the Copa del Rey have been combined. 

How will this all work?

The Europa League has always been the most popular competition in Italy and will once again be played on an outdoor pitch in the heart of the capital.

The Champions League is a bit of a different beast with four teams competing in a competition of four groups.

It will feature 12 teams, with all the games taking place at the Parc des Princes stadium. 

La Liga, which began in 1999 and is the most watched league in the world, will again be hosted by a different club.

This time, it will be hosted in a stadium owned by the Spanish giants Real Madrid, who will also play their games at the Bernabeu. 

All of the other competitions will be held at the new stadium.

There will be a total of 28 stadiums across the country to accommodate all the competitions. 

Who will be in the action?

Juventus will be represented in the Champions Leagues, as they will face Lazio in the Europa Leagues. 

Borussia Dortmund will be competing in the Bundesliga, where they will be looking to keep their title challenge alive. 

Paris Saint-Germain will also take part in the Copas del Rey, which includes teams from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay. 

In addition, there is also the Copacabana, where teams from Portugal, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay will battle it out in the opening round. 

What to watch out for: There are a few things to look out for in the first leg of the Champions league final, with Juventus and Borussia Dortmund coming out on top with two goals apiece. 

Juventus also will have the advantage of playing at home against a team they have beaten before in their opening match of the season. 

On the other hand, Borussia will have a lot to prove in their first leg with the Paris Saint-Etienne and Paris Saint Germain. 

Prediction: The home side will have to play well in order to keep up with the reigning champions.

The Juventus goal difference is the highest in the competition with their goal difference being 2.4 points. 

Watch the Europa Ligue 1 final live on Sky Sports 2, which starts at 7.30pm on Monday 29 March, and Sky Sports Premier League at 2.30am on Tuesday 1 April.

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