FourFourSeconds ago, the owner of an Aladdin-themed “suspicious device” found inside his car in a remote northern NSW suburb had a bizarre twist: He decided to use the item as a prop.

The bizarre story of the “suspended box” has been making the rounds on the internet, where the story is believed to be inspired by an American television show called The Lost Boys.

The box, which was reportedly purchased for $20,000 on eBay, was used to hang up posters, posters for a local art gallery, and posters from local businesses.

It’s unclear if the box was a prop or a real item, but the owner decided to display it as a promotional gimmick.

“This was an interesting way of making a statement about the importance of creativity in our society and in the local community,” the owner told FourFour.

“It was an opportunity to get people talking about the local arts and cultural scene.”

I wanted to have something that would inspire people to be creative and I felt that the box could also bring a bit of attention to our community and be a place that people could come and hang out and interact with the community.

“Mr Williams, who lives in Taree, had bought the box from a family friend in January.

The owner of the car is now unsure of what he intended to do with the box, but he says he is “very proud of the result”.

He said it was a chance to educate himself about how to build and operate a car and said the box made him feel like a part of the community.”

A little bit of an adventure for me, but also for the kids in my class,” he said.”

They’ve been really into it.

“My kids love the whole experience.”

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