The first US-made phosphorus atom could be ready for use in next-generation ion engines by 2020

Posted September 25, 2018 08:48:20The first US prototype of an ion engine for electric cars will be ready in 2020, with a company called IonBios hoping to be ready by 2025.

IonBos said the company will have a 100-volt battery for a range of up to 1,500 miles.

It’s also aiming to build a larger battery for the car’s battery pack, which is likely to be used in a high-performance electric car like a Tesla.

IonBs team also plans to use the ion technology for the company’s other electric vehicles.

The company said the new device could be up and running in 2020.

The ion battery could potentially be used for a number of applications, including powering electric vehicles for long distances.

The company has built two versions of the ion battery, and said it’s ready for testing at an industrial facility in New Jersey.

The ion battery is a semiconductor used in the production of other materials.

It is capable of storing about a million electron volts, which can store enough energy to charge up to 50,000 batteries.

The device also uses an ionic liquid electrolyte to store electricity, and the company said that it could be used to store large amounts of energy.

The device is also capable of transferring electrons through the device.

The team is using a process called electron cloud deposition, or ECVD, to achieve that.

Electron cloud deposition uses a special coating to coat the surface of a solid to make the surface absorb light and store energy.

This creates a cloud of electrons that can be released as the electrons are charged.

It could also help make a battery more efficient.

The IonBros team is building a prototype for a 100kW battery with a capacity of 3,000 volts, according to the company.

IonBiostats also plans on building a 10kW lithium-ion battery that could be powered by a 10,000 volt battery pack and have a capacity up to 30,000 kWh.

The battery could be capable of charging a car at speeds up to 300 miles per hour, IonBis team said.

The team also said it is working on a 200kW electric motor for electric vehicles, with its design having a range that would allow the vehicle to reach 100 miles per day.

The technology has also been used in other applications, and it has been used for the manufacture of solar cells.

It can also be used as an energy storage for power grids, or for electric motors.

The next-gen battery would likely have a larger capacity than the one currently on the market.

However, IonBios is targeting a 20kW or 30kW output, the company added.

The first battery will have to be tested on a scale to ensure it’s reliable, and will likely be built with materials that can withstand extreme temperatures.

IonBio plans to build two more battery packs, with one in each of the next- and current-generation vehicles.

Development Is Supported By

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