A chemical ‘basket’ with an oxygen atom at the bottom is the new normal.

It has been used to make superconductor, water repellent and even a supercapacitor.

Now researchers at the University of Michigan and Imperial College London have built a “bathtub” that could store water and create an electrochemical battery.

The team says the system is scalable, scalable enough to power industrial and commercial applications, and could be scaled up for use in water.

The idea has the potential to create the largest, cheapest and most efficient battery ever built, the researchers report online in Nature Chemistry.

[Video: ‘Water repellant’: How it works] The key to this battery is a “basket” that contains a chemical molecule called an oxygen molecule.

As the water condenses around the molecule, the oxygen atom expands, creating a gas that flows down the side of the basket.

The gases are then pumped through a liquid electrolyte to create an electrical current.

The battery can store and recharge up to a few hours.

The researchers also used the system to store and store a chemical called carbon monoxide (CO), which is used to create organic compounds like acetone.

“The carbon monoeye is the most abundant and versatile gas on Earth,” lead author Michael J. Jager, a graduate student in chemistry at the university, said in a statement.

“We’ve shown that we can make this from carbon dioxide by using a simple and elegant system that is easy to fabricate and use in nature.”

This is the first time that this kind of battery has been shown to work in nature.

The system was built by scientists at Imperial College and the University in London.

A typical battery consists of a tank filled with water and electrolyte, and a capillary column that carries the water away from the tank and through the tank.

The water is then pumped out of the tank by a pump, which pushes it through the column.

Once the water is pumped out, the column is then filled with more water, and then the column fills with more electrolyte.

At the end of the column, the electrolyte is collected and stored in a reservoir, and the battery is charged.

“This system uses two simple things: a simple gas and an efficient electrochemical system,” lead researcher Benjamin F. Johnson, a professor of chemistry at Imperial, said.

The electrochemical reaction creates a reaction with the oxygen atoms inside the battery, which then reacts with the carbon monoxy molecule, which gives the battery its unique chemical properties.

The reaction is so simple, in fact, that it’s not even necessary to know the chemical structure of the carbon dioxide atom in order to build the system.

This is because, unlike the chemical reactions that occur when CO and acetone react, this reaction occurs at room temperature.

The scientists say they plan to build more “baskets” that contain CO and another molecule that makes acetone, so they can use them as a storage solution for CO and other compounds.

The current system could be used to store electricity for a wide range of applications, including solar energy, the electric vehicle industry and even for batteries used in automobiles.

The next step for this team is to create batteries that can store a wide variety of gases, and to further investigate the chemistry involved in this process.

“Our next step is to find a way to use this to store energy from CO in water and other gases that can be used in the industry,” Johnson said.

“It is exciting that we have a way that could be scalable.”

The research was funded by the National Science Foundation.

This story was provided by Chemical and Engineering News, a nonprofit media organization.

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