How a company is trying to reinvent the electronics market with its latest battery-powered device

The electronics industry is in an uproar as China continues to roll out its battery-free car fleet.

In a move that is expected to cause a huge price drop for consumers and drive down sales of new devices, Chinese manufacturer Argon Valence has introduced a battery-operated electric car called the C-Series.

Argon Valance claims that the car will be the first battery-based car to be sold in India.

Argon, a division of Chinese technology company LG Chem, is the world’s biggest maker of lithium-ion batteries.

The C-series will be priced at Rs 1,000, about the price of a new car.

Argon has already introduced its own battery-less cars in India with its Prius and Leaf electric cars, but it is the first car that the company has put on sale in India by way of a mass-market electric vehicle.

Argon’s product is based on the same design that is already being used in the new cars by Toyota, Ford and General Motors, but with a new design that uses a hybrid battery and a more advanced battery design to reduce the amount of energy required.

Argon is hoping to launch the car in India in a month.

It is not the first company to try to make a new battery-electric car.

Last year, BMW’s electric hybrid electric car, the i3, was sold to the Indian government for Rs 1.6 lakh (around Rs 2.5 million), according to industry observers.

But the i7, which was launched last year by Japanese automaker Nissan, is a far more expensive car.

In fact, Nissan is the only company to have sold its i3 in India so far.

In April, BMW sold the i6, which it said would be the car that would give it the best market share.

But it has only sold about 100,000 of the cars in its entire history.

The market is still largely dominated by Toyota and Nissan, and these companies are only just getting going.

But in a market that has seen rapid innovation in the last decade, there is little reason for automakers to wait until next year to introduce new cars in the country.

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