When are you going to get rid of the ‘pinkie-point’ in lithium-ion batteries?

The ‘pinky-point’, the point at which a lithium-based battery’s electrons can no longer flow to an external battery, has long been a contentious issue in the world of batteries.

Now, a new study by scientists at MIT and Harvard University has found that the “pinky-point” phenomenon is actually a problem.

In the study, published in the journal Science Advances, researchers from MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science compared the efficiency of the battery’s electrodes with that of a platinum-based electrode.

A platinum electrode is the standard in lithium battery technology.

In their experiments, the researchers used a lithium electrode with a platinum surface and a silicon carbide electrode that was made up of silicon carbides.

They found that, while the silicon carbiding electrode is still a relatively efficient material, the lithium electrode’s efficiency was higher than that of the platinum electrode.

The researchers also found that even when the silicon carbon is replaced with platinum, the silicon cathode has an improvement of between 6% and 15%.

In other words, the platinum electrodes can produce much higher current densities and lower voltages than silicon carbids.

In a statement, the MIT team said that the findings “highlight the need for more robust electrodes” to improve the performance of batteries.

“There are no hard and fast rules for when the pinky-points become problematic,” the statement said.

“What we do know is that when we have a problem like this, we can find the cause, find a solution, and find a way to address it.

But we also know that there is always a risk of making things worse.

The best approach is to learn from past mistakes and to make improvements in the future.”

The researchers said that they believe the problem is the same in other materials, such as lead oxide, that have a copper-like surface, and the silver-like silicon carbine that has a nickel-like nickel surface.

The researchers said this could explain why the researchers have found a solution to the problem.

“If the ‘problem’ is a material, then we would expect the silver electrode to have the same problems as lead and lead oxide,” said Michael Sivak, one of the co-authors of the paper and a professor in the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The paper is titled “Lithium-Oxide Electrodes in a Lead Oxide-Stimulated Lead Oxidized Lithium-Battery: A New Analysis of the Pinky-Point Problem.”

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